For us, designing a unique piece of furniture for a specific site or project is the most satisfying challenge. Working on one-of-a-kind design is an amazing opportunity to deepen and experiment with new designs.

Here we present some of our most unique projects, giving a taste of what could be accomplished when using a costumer’s and designer’s passion as a steppingstone.

JNF - Western Galilee Tourist Information Center

Location:  Acre, Israel

Year: 2022

Project by: Arch. Graciela Vakrat

Products: Expo shelving system, Wine shelving system, Locally sliding doors, Information counters, & Framework_01 tables.

The VERA hotel TLV

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Year: 2017

Project by: Asaf Solomon (Architecture) & Yaron Tal Studio (Design)

Photographer: Assaf Pinchuk

Products: VERO side table, VERO desk

The Schumacher Hotel

Location: Haifa, Israel

Year: 2018

Project by: Malka Architects

Photographer: Itai Sikolski

Products: Locally Lobby Wall, Tisch dining table, 
Armchair_01, Mentsh

Theodor Hotel by BROWN hotels 

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Year: 2020

Project by: Kedem Shinar Design

Products: Dresser Shelving, Sculptures by NACHSHON