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NACHSHON is a local business with a small family-like team. Our craftsmen play a significant part in our workshop and take deep care in every stage of the manufacturing process. Without them the designs and ideas would stay only on paper and computer files.

Tomer Nachshon, an Israeli architect and designer, founded NACHSHON studio at his father, Gad Nachshon’s workshop in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa. While growing up he absorbed the love and understanding of materials and techniques which he applies today to create his different products. The combination of his architectural
knowledge and the physical work enables constant interaction between different scales and points of view.


Photographer: Tom Weintraub Louk


Gad Nachshon, Tomer’s father, was born to a family of 17 children in the same house that later became the business workshop. Gad started a business for sound and light systems, creating speaker cases, different sound  accessories, and more. In his spare time, he also built pieces of furniture for his own household. For Tomer, Gad is the inspiration for establishing his own studio – a business that includes designing and manufacturing well-rounded local products.

Herman, has worked with Tomer’s family for almost three decades starting as an electrical engineer for Gad’s business and learned basic woodworking needed Our Team for speaker boxes. Today, Herman is able to support all our needs of woodworking for different furniture items. Moreover, while founding the studio Tomer discovered that he used to work in a fashion shop in Latvia and has
basic sewing skills. As a result, Herman is now in charge of all the sewing in our workshop, contributing his abilities
deep into our designing and manufacturing processes.


Photographer: Tom Weintraub Louk


Metalsmithing, analog machining, lathe work, and welding of every kind are the realm of Vladimir (Vova), who has worked with the family for the lion share of the last 20 years. Studying basic machining in school, learning from his professional machinist father, and self-training while never giving up on completing the mission makes Vladimir the great craftsman that he is.

Photographer: Tom Weintraub Louk

Adva is the manager of the studio. She is an Architect and a former news producer in the largest Israeli radio, Galei-Tzahal. She has the perfect combination of managing and directing as well as deep understanding in the design world. Adva takes part in every decision in the studio's life, from the design aspects, through the understanding of product and design prioritization, and up to managing the daily workshop life.


Photographer: Tom Weintraub Louk

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